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How did I write my essay on my own without getting stressed!! Guidelines simplified!!

University students and their struggles- it’s never-ending, isn’t it? The studies, research, examinations, and essays- all such things add a huge layer of stress on students’ minds.

But is stress the solution to all such burdens? No! In such matters, you have to seek out solutions. You can find solutions for exams, studies, and research if you add more time to your study routines.

But, you may get stuck with the university essays. No matter what amount of time you’ve devoted to essays you will get stuck if you are unaware of writing them effectively.

But don’t let it be the reason for your increasing stress, and take a deep breath. The real question I ask myself is How did I write my essay on my own with stressing myself? I can probably help you get started with your university essay, and you can probably write the best college essay if you take these below-mentioned steps seriously. You may also take assistance from essay writing services that are available online and you can request “write my essay“ to them if you haven’t got enough time to write your essay.

Focus on Pre-writing Activities

What do you feel marks the beginning of your essay writing process? It’s the surroundings and the place. Your mind would question why the surroundings matter?

Most probably, you already know the answer. Imagine yourself sitting in a place full of distractions like loud noise or people conversing. Would you be able to concentrate? No!

Hence, first look for a place that doesn’t scream ‘distractions.’ Another piece of advice here is to select a place that opens up the imaginative block of your mind. You can try going to a park or maybe your balcony where you can get some fresh air as well.

Then, you can perform the main task- researching and writing the university essay. Before you pen down some ideas, try performing extensive research and then add some more ideas to the list.

Before researching, you can also try reading more and even read your essay. Reading an essay means- reading all the guidelines, requirements, and crucial points- that you have to add in the paper.

Tip: If you are a person who forgets some main points after reading, then you can write notes while researching, which will make things easier for you when writing an essay on any topic.

Prepare your Outline

You should also know that it’s important to outline academic papers. Let's compare this matter with cooking. Suppose you are planning to cook a dish that delights you. What would you do in the beginning?

Take a list of the ingredients that you will require and then get those ingredients. Then you can start cooking to make your dish flawless.

The same goes for writing an essay. If you prepare an outline of what you will write and the length of each part, it will help you write each part effectively. Then you can get flawless results for your university essay. Try preparing your outline based on the academic level and the type of your essay—for example- term papers, research papers, essays, case studies, etc.

You can prepare the outline in the following ways:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose statement (at the introduction’s end)
  • Essential details (paragraph wise) through the body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Tip: Prepare your university essay outline during your research since it will be easier to plan what you will add to the paper.

Ensure Adding a Format.

Students do remember that essays are crucial for earning good grades. But what you forget here is that you can get reduced grades due to improper formatting. Formatting your university essay includes several points. Take a look at the list mentioned below to understand better:

  • Prepare a writing style as per the type of essay.
  • Add a format style as per the instructor’s guidelines. If the instructor didn’t say anything, you could try either APA or MLA format style.
  • Add proper referencing.
  • Check the size of your paper.
  • Check the paper length.
  • When is your paper due?

Tip: First, prepare the format and then write down your essay to save yourself from the hassle of reworks based on the format style.

Fine-tune your Essay

Have you wondered how professional writers in writing companies write essays? Their ways of writing are simple yet effective. What they do is follow grammatical rules, avoid plagiarism and add creativeness to their works.

These three points that you think are easy are of paramount importance in any writing. Such points that you think are effortless to perform hold immense importance.

When your essay writing is done, the next step is fine-tuning, which will help you fulfill the three points mentioned above. Let’s show you how you can fine-tune your essay:

  • You can revise your paper to seek out any grammatical errors.
  • You can read the paper yourself and ask yourself if the sentences seem appropriate and make sense.
  • Use online tools to check minor grammar mistakes and plagiarism.
  • Ensure the word limit and writing style of your paper and make sure it’s consistent.

Tip: Prepare a draft of your university essay first and do the fine-tuning there. It will help you to create a flawless final draft that you can submit.

Get Some Distance

Distance yourself from your essay for a while once you are satisfied with your work. It holds immense importance and is a crucial step for you when you write a university essay. Still, students fail to acknowledge it.

Distancing means that you have to keep aside your paper once it’s complete. You can distance yourself from it for more than 5-6 hours and do something else. Your mind would wander as for why it’s crucial.

The thing is, if you continuously write and research your essay, then the sharpness you have for pointing out flaws in that paper will decrease. But, if you haven’t read it for a few hours, you will understand if it contains any mistakes that you left out earlier while writing.

You can check whether:

  • The paper still has grammar errors.
  • It contains sentences that don’t make enough sense.
  • If you have forgotten to add some details, etc.

Tip: Don’t read or go through your paper for the night and then proofread in the morning.


If you are a university student finding difficulties writing your university essay, don’t stress about it. You can try out the best ways and mix up your creativity to create top-notch results in essay papers. Even high school students can try the same way to write their essays.

This blog offers all the tips and ways to write the best university essay.

Some students may not have enough time. If you also face the same issues, you can go with a essay help service that can help you get effective results.

Through them, you can get high-quality, plagiarism-free, and professional-level quality papers at affordable prices.

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