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Configuring the Canon iP110 has become easy thanks to a comprehensive set of drivers and software such as Windows and MAC. Now you can use this portable miniature wireless device in one printer anywhere in this system. In addition, you can now download the latest Canon printer driver and applications for Windows and MAC with one click. Here's a whole set of instructions for configuring the Canon Pixma iP110 printer and network configuration. The basic canon ip110 setup procedure includes the basic steps of unpacking, connecting and installing the printer.

Pixma IP110 First configuration

To begin with, remove all tapes from the carton and open the top cover.

Now choose the new Canon Pixma iP110 printer from the box.

Then place it on a rigid surface and tear off the tape around the printer’s body. In addition, remove all packaging materials and foam.

Now check the printer box for printer accessories. In general, Canon provides an installation CD, power cord, standard cartridges, printhead, and paper samples.

Here, grab the power cord and establish a secure connection between the printer and the wall outlet.

Canon ip110 Access point mode Setup

  • Then turn on the Canon iP110 printer and check that the power light is on.

  • You can now enable access point mode on the Canon Pixma iP110 and easily connect devices. You may not need an online connection to do this. Here are the simple instructions to allow access point mode on your Canon Pixma iP110 printer.

  • Then disconnect the computer from the network.

  • Now go to the printer system settings and check the available networks.

  • Here, from the list of available networks, select the Canon Pixma iP110 printer title.

  • By using the Canon iP110 entry point mode, you can also attach to your smartphones with tabs.

  • By connecting in one-click access mode, print any file from your computer's memory!

Canon IP110 Wireless for Windows and Mac Setup

To start with, the Canon Pixma iP110 configuration for wireless printing, receive Wi-Fi details ready. Usually, Canon provides a CD with basic installation files to the printer box. If you want to find the latest pair of Canon installation files, you can download it on the driver download page. Here's a whole set of instructions for connecting a Canon Pixma iP110 printer to a computer or wireless network.

  • First, run the Canon installation CD on your computer or download the installation file from the Internet.

  • Then initialize the AutoRun file and follow the instructions on the wizard screen.

  • Now the magician asks about the connection mode between the camera.

  • Here select the wireless style and select the installation mode "Without cables".

  • Now on the printer panel, press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the power button blinks twice.

  • Then release the button and wait for the Wi-Fi button to appear faster.

  • Now the wizard screen may display a message confirming the successful wireless connection.

  • If you can't find the printer title under the printers on the wireless display, contact our experts. We assist in the full configuration of Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless, as well as in the manual configuration.

Canon IP110 USB installation

To connect a Canon iP110 printer via USB to the camera, a 3-meter USB cable may be required. Canon does not provide a USB cable in the box. As soon as you have a cable to connect the iP110 USB to the camera, follow the steps below.

  • First, connect the computer to the system and run the Canon installation CD. Here you can also use the driver download page to download the latest Canon printer installation document.

  • Then select your preferences from the configuration wizard screen, such as language, country and date.

  • Now the magician will guide you through the link mode screen. Select USB configuration in the wired connection here.

  • Then the magician asks you to connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable.

  • After a successful connection, the wizard will display all available software for your Canon iP110 under the software installation page.

  • Now from the list of available programs select the files best suited to your computer and finish the Canon Pixma iP110 USB configuration procedure.