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by han bee - Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 12:18 AM
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Question 1: Is the Korean study abroad center chosen by you the official admissions representative of Korean universities? Since the December flight period of 1919, some major universities in Korea, such as ChungAng University, require students to submit a Korean bank book with a value of $ 10,000, which is opened 3 months before the date of application. , and maintain two terms of study up to and including the date of student admission. This is rooted in the thinking of Korean schools, if you are not hard-working in Vietnam, you will be hard-working when studying Korean self-sufficient. What is the Korean student enrollment requirement is one of the questions that are repeated many times on the study abroad forums, through phone calls or MAP conferences held for international students. hybrid. You should, and should, study abroad in Korea if you love Korean and Korean culture, yearn for a real learning and advancement opportunity. Besides, you also want to work for Korean companies after graduation. With 12 years experience in the field of studying abroad, voted by Dan Tri online newspaper as one of the leading Korean study abroad companies on the Korean study abroad program, MAP Study Abroad affirms studying in Korea This is a real opportunity for Vietnamese students. Suppose if you go to school, but you can not understand what your teacher is teaching, plus the debt of 200-300 million for you to study in Korea is paying daily interest, no Korean language ability, 6 Only after months can I work part-time job. Thanh Giang only gives advice to students if they really want to study abroad: Studying in Korea and Japan are good destinations for them. Perhaps all of you know that the late composer Tran Lap wrote the song "Road to the top of glory" with a line: The path that spreads on the rose, the feet are also sore because of the thorns. you decide, not someone else. There are those who graduated from college, university and then went to study in South Korea, some of them graduated from high school after finishing and stepped into this land of kimchi with a single desire: "It is to change life, earn a lot of money ". The reality of studying in Korea has too many bitter lessons, when you do not prepare yourself to listen to the sweet advice but neglect in language learning.

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