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by Ryan Harvey - Tuesday, 18 February 2020, 11:58 AM
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Every animal features a list of the items and activities that they like and like to do. Dogs like to frolic and play ‘fetch’ with you but what about cats? Ever wondered what does your kitty like and like to do? Cats are smart creatures and that they are opinionated also.

Unlike dogs, that are happy just to be around you, Emotional support cat are notorious for acting entitled and being vocal about its likes and dislikes. regardless of what, knowing what your feline likes will assist you keep it happy and well-managed.

Below, we've listed all the items that you simply r cat loves and desires that you realize it.

1. Kitty Naps

Cats like to sleep! On a mean , a cat sleeps for about 12 to 16 hours each day and it's mostly because they're nocturnal animals. Cats are active in the dark while not very active during the day. Kittens and older cats will sleep even more that the typical hours. just in case kitty is sleeping an excessive amount of , take it to the doctor.

2. Watching Birds

Ever saw kitty bundled up against the window? it's because cats like to watch birds flying. Bird watching may be a fascinating activity for cats and whether or not they like to watch their prey flying or the flying movements just fascinate them, they love doing it. If you see your cat doing it for hours then you want to confirm that it's its bird watching activity when the sun isn't strong.

Staying exposed to strong sunlight could harm your cat’s skin and coat.

3. Catnip

Do you know that there's a drug for cats also? Catnip belongs to the Labiatae and it's a fragrant herb that kitty loves tons . The leaves of the herb features a fragrant oil, nepetalactone, that arouse euphoria and overwhelming joy in cats.

Cats act crazily for jiffy after smelling this herd but after the phase is over, it ignores it completely. Kittens and older cats are resistant to it and a few adolescent cats also show no signs of any reaction on encountering it.

4. Their Humans

They may seem self absorbed and self centered but they love their human relations they're not as keen and playful as a dog but they need their ways of showing their love for you. If your cat tries to twist up against you, put its head on you, purr and lick you then these are their signs of showing love. The methods are different than ours but we enjoy it, don't we?

Cats are adorable furballs and that we like to have them in our homes . As a note of caution, if you're getting to get an ESA letter for your emotional support cat then we propose that you simply invite a free emotional support animal letter to ascertain what details it'll include.