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by matthew djahnke - Friday, 24 January 2020, 6:15 PM
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Many factors affect the price of a CRM system and its integration.For example, the cost of owning a cloud project for a couple of years exceeds the cost of buying a desktop system.To assess the cost of implementation, you need to set goals and identify needs.


CRM Implementation Requirements


  • the need for integration (billing, warehouse, cash desk, website, telephony)

  • the need for access outside the office (mobile, remote access)

  • the need for special reports (billing, banking)

  • сompany departments involved in working in CRM

  • the number of employees who will constantly and periodically work in CRM

Steps to Choose Paid CRM


  1. visit vendor sites

  2. see comparison of versions and prices

  3. calculate the approximate cost of implementation

  4. consult with each vendor

After that, you can start testing demos and consult with vendors.Do not be afraid to communicate with developers - they are well aware of their product, understand the customer’s desire to save.Most well-known vendors avoid price-fixing and services — their reputation is worth more than a few hundred dollars.


If your business is a startup, it makes sense to use some free CRMs, for example, or other open source solutions odoo or sugarcrm.


If it seems to you that CRM is very expensive, calculate the cost of paying CRM per employee.I assure you that such a meager investment will pay off as quickly as possible.


How to change CRM?


You can migrate between CRMs of different vendors.


The ability to transition is provided by the organization of the databases that underlie each of the CRMs. Many vendors have a list of competitors with whom migration proceeds as quickly as possible.


In other cases, additional operations with data tables are required. However, it is always worthwhile to state your complaints to the supplier, and then make a decision about migration - as a rule, a way out of the problem situation can be found in the framework of working with one developer. This will save you both energy and money (you will not pay for new licenses). Even on the best free CRMs today there is easy data export.