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de Wenshi Hao - martes, 29 de agosto de 2017, 03:50
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Surprising tips from swimwear designer to the stars reveal chinese lingerie wholesale how you can sizzle on the beach

The prospect lingerie suppliers china of putting on a bathing suit is enough to fill most women with dread. But to those of you worrying about cellulite or the size of your bottom as you prepare for your holiday, I say: relax.

Nearly two decades as a swimwear designer Corset Manufacturer China have taught me that any woman, no matter what her age, and regardless of whether she is a size 8 or an 18, can look great on the beach.

Yes, the stars who wear my designs, from Beyonce to the Duchess of Cambridge and supermodel Cindy Crawford, have enviable physiques.

But I firmly believe that the way you feel about your body, and the mindset with which you approach baring much of it in public, are far more important than the circumference of your thighs or the date on your birth certificate.

And with some clever styling tricks and simple preparation, you, too, can look paparazzi-ready.

So, here are my top tips to classy costume wearing - my swimsuit psychology for a happy summer...


First, a warning about my pet peeve and the most common mistake women make when swimsuit shopping.

Don't buy a size up because you think more fabric means better camouflage for your wobbly bits.

In fact, the opposite is the case. Excess material simply adds bulk and a high risk of a saggy bottom.

Buy your exact size - or even a size smaller - to create the illusion of looking smaller than you are, and make sure that the costume fits tight against your body.

Be brave: showing two or three inches of buttock cheek is important - it will enhance the shape of your derriere, which will look less appealing if it's entirely covered in fabric.

Although a high-rise cut is fashionable at the moment, a costume that finishes lower on the hip is generally more flattering for bigger bottoms.