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de Michael Jonatan - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:54
Todo el mundo

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Imagen de Hamid Reza
de Hamid Reza - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:43
Todo el mundo

I just been in Iran. One of those countries that you leave with the feeling that this was not what they had told you. Here you have 33 tips or better, suggestions (as the Unsatisfied Traveler would say) in case you want to repeat the more than advisable experience of discovering the country of the ayatollahs on your own.

1. You can already get a tourist visa to Iran when you arrive at the airport (better to apply beforehand) , which eliminates the cumbersome, long and expensive procedure before.

2. I recommend flying with Turkish Airlines, because it has connections via Istanbul with eight Iranian cities, including the most tourist ones (Isfahan, Mashad, Shiraz). In this way you can organize a circuit with entry and exit through different places, which saves time and money. No need to go through Tehran, which is the least tourist of the Iranian cities. Also the connection via Istanbul is quite direct.

3. Most Iranian hotels have a website (although very basic) and an email through which you can make reservations online. What you can not do is pay online; but my experience is that they are very honest, if you confirm the reservation by mail, your room will be waiting for you, although it will always be good to call one or two days before, once in the country, to reconfirm it.

4. I traveled during the NowRuz, the Iranian New Year (I'll tell you in this post), which starts on March 21st. It is the super season of local tourism and I was forced to book hotels in advance because they were all very full (I do not advise traveling at those dates without prior reservation). But other travelers who came out of this season say that it is easy to find accommodation every day, even haggling prices at the reception. 

5. No type of credit card or Western debit card works, so you can not pay by card or withdraw money from the numerous ATMs. Everything has to be done in cash.

6. The good thing is that both eldolar and euroson are widely accepted in almost all tourist services. There are enough exchange houses in the main cities.

7. The Iranian bus network is very good and at almost ridiculous prices if we compare it with Europe (between 5 and 15 euros each way). The VIP service carry special seats (three per row, instead of four) and are much more comfortable for a small difference in price with normal. In hotels they usually facilitate the process by making reservations for their clients; Then you pay it when you get to the station.

8. Domestic flights: Iran should be the country with the cheapest domestic flights in the world. A journey can cost between 25 and 40 euros. And you can easily book them through local travel agencies, from one day to the next. They can not be booked and paid via internet from abroad.

9. Another comfortable and economical way to get around is by hiring a car with a driver. It is very easy to do it. A journey of 500 kilometers - those between Isfahan and Shiraz - costs about 40 euros. Browse best iran tours packages tripadvisor

10. The Iranians drive like the legionaries: without fear of death. There are usually no accidents, but scares. Nothing new if you've already been carried away by a local driver in Cairo, Kenya or Kathmandu.

11. The Islamic dress code prevails throughout the country, also for foreigners. This means that the woman should always have her head covered in public places. But without paranoia. No need to be completely covered with the chador and rigorous black. Just a handkerchief, as colorful as you want, covering the back of the neck and part of the hair. It serves the same western clothes that you have in house: jeans or of denim and shirts or dresses of long sleeve that preferably cover the hip. But it is not necessary to even wear the Islamic overall. The feet can be discovered (necessary in summer!). As for men, the only limitation is not wearing shorts.

12. The Islamic code does not say anything that women can not be painted and made up, as much as they want. In fact, young urban Iranians wear makeup as if they were going to a wedding

13. Bring toilet paper and wet wipes; It is scarce in public bathrooms.

14. Fridays is the holiday and Islamic prayer and everything is closed; some bazaars open in the afternoon.

15. The Iranian currency is the rial. Today, one euro equals 38,500 riyals. But the Iranians give the prices in tomanes (1 toma = 10 riyals); that is, the quantity in rials with zero less. That, together with the fact that everything costs hundreds of thousands of rials complicates the conversion to euros considerably. Although among them you do not do it (they know innately if the amount they say is in tomanes or riales) they usually have mercy on tourists and they clarify if they are giving the price in one way or another.

16. The monuments are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and practically all the mosques are also open to the non-Islamic public. You can take photos and videos without problems, except in some very holy places, such as the Sha Chergad mausoleum in Shiraz, where you can do them, but accompanied by a guide. The monuments have gone up a lot of price in the last year; the average ticket costs 200,000 rials (about 5.5 euros).

17. The Iranian hotel industry has a long road of improvements ahead. In other words, hotels are usually bad, old and expensive. Although some 5 comparable stars are already emerging, it is normal for Western-style stars to be from the time of the Shah, without anyone remembering to give them a coat of paint since then. The many traditional Iranian houses converted into small hotels that are opening in the most tourist cities are more pleasant. Due to the structure of the house, it is difficult to have private bathrooms; They are usually shared. But the deal is more familiar.

18. The toilets usually have a Turkish cup (a hole in the ground). Even when they are western cup, they share space and floor with the shower. It is better to wear a rubber flip flops

19. The public bathrooms are even worse. In some you have to wear more than flip flops, stilts Toilet paper is a luxury nonexistent in them.

20. The best time to visit Iran is spring or autumn. The summer is very hot, which does not mean it is the month of greatest influx of Spanish tourists for obvious reasons. Winter can be very cold in mountain areas.

21. For a traveler or traveler it is very easy to move around Iran. It has good infrastructures, efficient public transport systems and it is very safe; much more than other western destinations.

22. Gastronomy is not the strong point of a trip through Iran. I do not doubt that in the various regions there is a rich and varied cuisine, but this is only done at home, rarely in restaurants. Also, there are not too many hotels. The habit of eating out, as it happens in Spain, is not so ingrained here. In the few restaurants that you find the menu is almost always the same: meat and white rice. Chicken or lamb kebab and white rice. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. In some they also offer dizi, a national dish based on beans, meat and vegetables. Do not be afraid to take salads and vegetables.

23. The Iranians are very kind people. Ask whenever you need: they will go out of their way to help you even if they do not understand your language. It is rare that you enter a restaurant and do not end up taking pictures with the diners at the neighboring tables. .

24. There is wi-fi in all hotels, of higher or lower quality, but free.

25. Internet is censored in Iran. You can not access most social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) or many other pages of general information.

26. At least during my stay if Instagram and WhatsApp worked, through which you can make free international calls with the hotel wi-fi. You could also enter Spanish newspapers and some network of bloggers.

27. The Iranians are always inventing software programs to circumvent internet censorship, but they are not always effective. Better than being burned all day because you can not access your Facebook, is that you relax and enjoy. You will answer when you return.

28. Alcohol does not exist in all of Iran. Do not look because you will not find it. Yes there is beer without alcohol - very cheap, about 70 cents a can - normal or flavored. They call it malt drinks.

29. In the spring the nights are cold. Wear a good windbreaker or sweater.

30. You do not have to take your entire trip scheduled and closed. Iran is a very easy country to improvise on the fly.

31. In tourist places and hotels there is always someone who speaks English. In any case, it is always easy to understand with them.

32. The greatest danger for a tourist in Iran is crossing a zebra crossing. What the pedestrian has preference does not apply in this part of the world. So attentive: Bungee jumping is a thing of nenazas compared to crossing an Iranian street.

33. There are usually no curtains in hotels. If you are one of those who do not like to get up early, take a mask.

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Imagen de Hamid Reza
de Hamid Reza - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:31
Todo el mundo

A complete trip of 12/15 days in which you will tour to Laos from north to south to know the most fascinating of the country. You will visit the beautiful city of Luang Prabang, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, with its historic center dotted by dozens of active Buddhist monasteries. You can bathe in the spectacular waterfalls of Kuang Si and Tad Sae.

You will sail along the Mekong River aboard a traditional long-tailed boat, to visit Pak U caves, filled with Buddha statues. You will know some of the numerous minority ethnic groups that inhabit Laos, and you will live in a village away from tourism, a unique opportunity to approach the traditional rural life of Southeast Asia. 

You will enjoy some of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in the country, including the village of Nong Khiao, and from there you will navigate the Nam U River and you will know some of its riverside villages. You will know Vang Vieng and its idyllic natural environment, marked by the Nam Song River and the amazing profile of its calcareous formations full of caves. After visiting the most interesting corners of the capital Vientiane, you will fly to the south of Laos to visit the region of coffee plantations, ethnic villages and waterfalls of the Bolaven plateau, explore the ancient Khmer ruins of Champasak, and navigate through the region of the 4,000 islands of the Mekong River. An experience that seeks to enter the country and its culture beyond the surface.

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de Retouch Photos - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:16
Todo el mundo

Each kind of tears, scratches and other age defects will be totally vanished from your vintage snapshot. For our photo restoration there are no difficulties concerning this task.

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de Retouch Photos - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:15
Todo el mundo

The firm includes all necessary photographers edit services for professional photographers: picture clipping path services, album design, skin retouching, and many more.

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de Retouch Photos - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:15
Todo el mundo

Our retouching studio is known not only in this country, but also in many other countries. People all over the world want to be pretty on professionally-made images, thus high end retouching by our masters becomes quite helpful in this wish.

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de Retouch Photos - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:14
Todo el mundo

Online glamour photography retouching services for professional photographers. Fix your nude photos online – from basic enhancement to advanced look. Edit nude photos online with this photography company

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de Retouch Photos - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:13
Todo el mundo

Photography retouching services for all wedding photographers in the USA. Edit photos online with the best photography website. Improve you wedding photos with this photo editing agency.

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de Retouch Photos - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 03:12
Todo el mundo

This professional photos retouching service provides a wide variety of Lightroom tricks which will edit your photos fast and easy. FixThePhoto is your personal photos retouching assistant.

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de clay mores - lunes, 18 de junio de 2018, 02:50
Todo el mundo

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